Canadian university fair dealing policies, part two

The following table is a semi-update of the project I worked on last year, collecting and analysing fair dealing policies of the 40 largest Canadian universities, plus UPEI. Below you will find the current state of the policies.

Update: Thanks to Robert Tiessen for pointing out that I had categorized University of Winsdor as an AC-licensed institution. The error has been fixed in the table.

The second column indicates whether the university has signed a licence with Access Copyright. Only two of those entries will have changed since the original research: University of Toronto and University of Western Ontario have declined to renew their licences with the collective. The third column indicates whether the school has an updated fair dealing policy available on its web site (a “no” can mean that there is no policy available at all, or that there is one but it hasn’t been updated to reflect changes in the law since 2012). The fourth column specifies whether the school’s fair dealing policy is based on the one created by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. In the fifth column, I have recorded whether the university has adopted (or at least links to) the AUCC’s documents outlining the application of their fair dealing policy.

Quick calculations show that fewer than half of the universities in the sample have signed a licence with Access Copyright. Eighty percent have an updated fair dealing policy available on their web sites, and most are based on the AUCC’s. So far, only 22 percent  of the universities (or about 30 percent of those who use the AUCC’s policy) have adopted the application guidelines.

University Access Copyright relationship Updated fair dealing policy Adapted from AUCC guidelines Using AUCC application documents?
ALBERTA yes no no no
ATHABASCA no no no no
BROCK yes yes yes yes
CALGARY no yes yes yes
CARLETON no yes yes ?
DAL yes yes yes no
GUELPH no yes no yes
KWANTLEN no yes yes no
LAKEHEAD yes yes no no
LAURENTIAN yes no no no
LAURIER yes no yes no
LETHBRIDGE yes yes yes no
MACEWAN no yes yes no
MANITOBA yes yes yes yes
MCMASTER yes yes yes yes
MEMORIAL no yes yes no
MONCTON yes no no no
MT ROYAL no yes yes no
NIPISSING yes no yes no
OTTAWA yes no ? no
QUEENS no yes yes no
REGINA yes yes yes no
RYERSON yes yes yes no
SASK no yes yes no
SFU no yes yes no
ST MARYS yes yes yes no
THOMPSON yes yes yes yes
TORONTO no yes no no
TRENT no yes yes no
UBC no yes yes yes
UFV no yes yes no
UNB no yes yes yes
UOIT yes yes yes no
UPEI no no no no
VAN ISL yes yes yes no
VICTORIA yes yes yes no
WATERLOO no yes yes no
WESTERN no yes no no
WINDSOR no yes yes no
WINNIPEG no yes yes no
YORK no yes yes yes
TOTAL 41 41 41 41
Total YES 19 33 31 9
Total NO 22 8 9 31
Total unknown 0 0 1 1
% YES 46.34 80.49 75.61 21.95
% NO 53.66 19.51 21.95 75.61
% unknown 0.00 0.00 2.44 2.44


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