Rocky start for post-Access Copyright era? Not quite.

Ariel Katz discusses the transition from Access Copyright blanket licence to in-house compliance management at the University of Toronto. He argues that the so-called upheaval claimed by AC is not much more than the usual hiccups experienced when moving from one system to another. He addresses the ambiguity surrounding the scope of AC’s repertoire (the copyright owners they claim to represent, and the specific works covered by the blanket licence or potential tariff), the use of licences directly negotiated with publishers, and the ostensible conflict between the interpretations of fair dealing held by AC and the university.

Excess Copyright: Update on Access Copyright’s Proposed Educational Tariffs at the Copyright Board

Howard Knopf has written a good analysis of the current situation with Access Copyright’s tariff proposal at the Copyright Board, laying out the main points of contention. Some important documents are also highlighted, such as AC’s objection to making public their list of affiliates, and Ariel Katz’s response.