Access Copyright renewals update 2019

Updated: May 21, 2019

This is a 2019 update to the last post from February 2016. It’s been nearly two years since the Federal Court handed down its decision in Access Copyright v. York University (July 12, 2017), ruling that York must pay royalties for its use of copyrighted materials, and that the school’s fair dealing guidelines were neither reliable nor representative of the fair dealing exception. York have appealed the decision to the Federal Court of Appeals, which heard arguments on March 5 and 6, 2019.

While the decision only applies to York, other Canadian universities have been paying close attention. One might expect that schools would flock (back) to Access Copyright to save themselves from a similar lawsuit, but it looks like that hasn’t been the case. No university has entered into an Access Copyright license that was not already subscribing to the service. A few – Dalhousie, Lakehead, Regina, and Trent – did not renew their licenses that in 2016.

Overall, the proportion of universities that do not have a blanket license with Access Copyright increased from 37.5% in 2015, to (at least) 57.8% in 2016, to 76.2% in 2019. Conversely, the proportion of universities that have entered into a license decreased from 59.4% in 2015 to 19% in 2019.

Where are we in 2019?

2015 2016 2019
ACADIA yes ? no Link
ALBERTA yes no no Link
ALGOMA yes ? yes Link
ATHABASCA no no no Link
BRANDON yes ? yes? Link
BROCK yes no no Link
CALGARY no no no Link (pdf)
CARLETON no no no Link
CDN MENNONITE yes ? no? Link
CONCORDIA (AB) yes ? no? Link (pdf)
DALHOUSIE yes yes no Link
DOMINICAN ? ? ? Link
EMILY CARR yes ? yes Link
GUELPH no no no Link
KINGS U (AB) yes ? yes Link
KWANTLEN no no no Link
LAKEHEAD yes yes no Link
LAURENTIAN yes yes yes Link
LAURIER yes yes yes Link
LETHBRIDGE yes no no Link
MacEWAN no no no Link
MANITOBA yes no no Link
McMASTER yes no no Link
MEMORIAL no no no Link
MONCTON yes yes yes Link
MT ALLISON yes no no Link
MT ROYAL no no no Link
MT ST VINCENT yes no no Link
NIPISSING yes ? no Link
NSCAD ? no no Link
OCAD yes ? yes Link
OTTAWA yes no no Link
QUEENS no no no Link
REDEEMER yes ? yes Link
REGINA yes yes no Link
RMC yes ? yes Link
ROYAL ROADS no no no Link
RYERSON yes no no Link
SASKATCHEWAN no no no Link
SFU no no no Link
St FRANCIS X yes no no Link
St MARYS yes no no Link
St THOMAS yes ? no? Link (pdf)
THOMPSON RIVERS yes no no Link
TORONTO no no no Link
TRENT no yes? no? Link
TRINITY WESTERN yes yes? yes Link
U de St-BONIFACE yes ? ? Link
U KING’S COLLEGE (NS) yes ? ? Link
U Ste-ANNE yes ? no Link
UBC no no no Link
UFV no no no Link
UNB no no no Link
UNBC no no no Link
UOIT yes ? no Link
UPEI no no no Link
VAN ISLAND yes yes yes Link
VICTORIA yes no no Link
WATERLOO no no no Link
WESTERN no no no Link
WINDSOR no no no Link
WINNIPEG no no no Link
YORK no no no Link
Total 64 64 63
Total NO 24 (37.5%) 37 (57.8%)  48 (76.2%)  
Total YES 38 (59.4%) 9 (14.1%)  12 (19%)  
Total UNKNOWN 2 (3.1%) 18 (28.1%)  3 (4.8%)  

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